Dear Respected Community Members in the D.C. Metro Areas:
On behalf of the Bangladesh Center for Community Development Inc. (BCCDI) Bangla School, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to all the community members who attended and helped to make our 11th annual “Poush Mela Pitha Utshob” a grand success defying the cold rainy weather. This event was held on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at NOVA Annandale Campus.
As many of you know that BCCDI Bangla School was the originator of this yearly event 11 years ago and this quickly became one of the central cultural events of the Bangladeshi diaspora of Washington Metro area. Especially Bangla School’s innovative way of involving our younger generation in every event was praiseworthy and this year it was no different.
Since its establishment in 1987 BCCDI-Bangla School has played the role of the trend-setter in our Washingtonian Bangladeshi diaspora. Beside Pitha Utshob BCCDI-Bangla School also introduced many other popular events in Washington for the first time, such as Boishakhi Mela welcoming Bangla New Year, school student’s yearly cultural presentation Upohar Bangladesh Mela to name few. Last year BCCDI Bangla School introduced First Ever Day and Night Boishakhi Mela and plan to do the same this year as well. 
BCCDI-Bangla School is constantly thriving to showcase their very best presentation for Bangladeshi community for last twenty-seven years. When it comes to the question of what and who we focus, our answer is “Kids First. We believe we have successfully presented a great show this year with a remarkable extraordinary entertaining cultural show from BCCDI-Bangla School Music and Dance Academy’s talented students. 
Bangla School cultural events are the sole train of BCCDI – Bangla School students. Therefore, we like to start our note of thanks thanking our young participants for accomplishing a remarkable presentation on the stage for the community to enjoy.
This year, Bangla School Music Academy students led by its well respected singer-teacher Ostad Naser Chowdhury presented 35 minutes of musical presentation which spelled bound the audience. Congratulation to gifted and talented students of Bangla School Music Academy for their luminous performance.Our sincere gratitude to  Ostad Naser Chowdhury, Music Director of BCCDI Bangla School Music Academy for providing guidance to our students at Bangla School Music Academy for many years. Under his able leadership, our student’s progress is expectedly extraordinary. Music Academy student’s graceful performance touched the heart of each and every participating audience.
Bangla School Dance Academy has come a long way of brilliance under the stewardship of renowned choreographer cum dance instructor Mrs. Banani Chowdhury. Dance Academy student’s performance mesmerized the audience with their magnificent magical performance. Congratulation to the dance team performers for their brilliant performance. Very special thanks goes to Mrs. Banani Chowdhury, the charismatic Dance Director of BCCDI Bangla School Dance Academy.
We sincerely appreciate our 11th Poush Mela Pitha Utshob judges Mrs. Arzina Hossaine, Mrs. Ismat Jerin (Farhana), Mrs. Afia Haq and Harunur Rashid. Their tireless effort of judging the best three among others was not an easy task. Our profoundgratitude for their huge contribution.
In the same note, on behalf of BCCDI Bangla School, we like to convey ours sincere thanks to Pitha Stall participants. Their presence was the main attraction for the festival. Congratulation to the winners of this year Pitha competition and they are, 1st Noakhali Pitha Ghor, 2nd, Modhur Kantin (DUAFI) and 3rd Rokomari Pitha Ghor.
Congratulation and sincere appreciation to Taposh Gomes, Naser Chowdhury and Utpal Barua for presenting the musical medley and Rokeya Jahan Hashi for her graceful dance presentation honoring the fallen heroes of Language Movement of 1952.
Very special thanks to Cynthia Gomes and her group (Shruti, Piona, Riya and Shreya for presenting the amazing dance performance. 
We would like to thanks from the bottom of our heart to our honorable Bangla school student’s parents for their magnificent chorus performance.
Our very special thanks to famous Musical Band “Shadow Dreams Studio”. Their magnificent magical performance spelled bound the audience for an hour. Greeting to all the team members of “Shadow Dreams Studio” for coming out to support BCCDI Bangla School.
Any successful program cannot be organized without financial sponsors and we are thankful to the following sponsors who came forward to support BCCDI-Bangla School and its effort to uphold our language and culture. They are–Grand Sponsor-Tegra IT Solutions, Silver Sponsor-Forest Family Dentistry, Anis Khan-A trusted name in Real Estate Business, Mr. Sudeep Bose of Bose Law Firm, Mr. Harunur Rashid of Aladdin Restaurant A Bangladeshi Eatery in Lee Highway.
Thanks to our individual sponsor (in no particular order), Our sincere gratitude to Mr and Mrs. Faizul Islam, Mr. Mrs. WahedHossaini, Mrs. Rokaya Haidar, Mr. Mozharul Hoque, Mr. InamHaque, Mr. Mrs. M. Alam, Mr.Shah Habibur Rahman, Mr. Nur Mohammad (Liton ) Dr. Ashraf U Chowdhury, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Mr. Syed Mahtab Ahmed M.D PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry VCU School of Medicine for their year round support for BCCDI-Bangla School.
We are very much thankful to all those vendors who have chosen to bring their business into this event and be supportive of BCCDI-Bangla School all other events in 2015.
Dear Bangla School parents, your unrelenting support, and sacrifices are the key to our success with our students. We wouldn’t able to do anything without you. Please acknowledge our sincere thanks for your kind support and help.
We are sincerely grateful to Ms. Satarupa Barua for being the Master of Ceremony for the day. Her distinctive elegant style of presentation highlights our program. BCCDI sincerely appreciate her effort. She has become an integral part of BCCDI Bangla School for some time now.
BCCDI-Bangla School recognizes Tabla Artist Mr. Ashish Barua, Flute player Mr. Mohammad Majid and Mandira player Mr. Joy Dutta Barua for their continued support in every single event organized by BCCDI-Bangla School. We are in debt to this three noble gentleman for their very kind support.
Our sincere gratitude to sound engineer Mr. Jamil Khan (Contact Number: 703-622-1866 email for his excellence on planning and executing the sound system for the entire show. His flawless planning made a big difference in presenting the show so wonderfully. Jamil Khan, a true Bangla School enthusiast always plays a vital role in all Bangla School events. He never takes Bangla School event as a commercial project rather he considers it as his personal and makes his best contribution. Thank you so much, Mr. Jamil Khan! 
Our very special thanks to Mr. Mohammad Harunur Rashid for assisting Bangla School events stage setting for some years now. His diligent planning and execution on stage setup are remarkable. We also like to thank Mr. Rasheeq Ishraq Chowdhury (Ishmam) for assisting Mr. Jamil Chowdhury and Mr. Mohammad Harunur Rashid on stage and sound setup.
Our special thanks to Dr. Arifur Rahman, former President of BCCDI for his tremendous contribution for each and every event of BCCDI – Bangla School. At the same note our gratefulness to Mrs. Merina Rahman for her contribution.
Our sincere gratitude to DHROOPAD, Dhaka University Alumnae Association (DUAFI) and Chittagong University Alumnae Association (CUAFI) for their support to make our Pitha Utshob 2016 successful
We would like to acknowledge our sincere gratefulness to the jubilant audience of Bangladeshi diaspora without whom no success has any value. Thanks to each and every member of the audience and to the community leaders who showed up to support and encourage our students.
Our very special thanks to all the BCCDI Bangla School parents who donated service time, money and goods to Bangla School store at Pitha Utshob. Your contribution is acknowledged with great pride.
Our special thanks to the following media outlets and news writers for supporting us with their coverage- Alapon Yahoo Group and Radio Bangla DC (Arifur Rahman Swapan), News-Bangla (Mr. Shafi Delwar Kajol), (Mr. Shibbir Ahmed), Mr.Anthony Pius Gomes, Mr. Bappa Barua, Mr.Rafiqul Islam (Akash), Chottala Yahoo Group
A very special thanks to Aladdin Restaurant- A Bangladeshi eatery of Metro Washington DC (Address: 5169 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207, Phone 🙁 703) 533-0077) for supporting Pitha Utshob 2015 Event.
We sincerely thank each and every Bangladeshi American organizations of metro Washington DC for their support and encouragement for Bangla School events. Your support means a lot for our organization and school.
Our heartfelt appreciation to  Mr. Rajib Barua of “Annandi Photography” and Mr. Biplab Dutta of “Eashan Photography” for still photography and Mr. Nazmul Ahsan for videography, capturing the memorable moments of the festival.
Thankful to our Board of Directors,  Reza Moogni (Vice-President), Mohammad Abedin (Assistant General Secretary), Kanan Barua (Event Director), Pranab Barua (Education Director), Shaon Rahman (Press and Publication Director), Dipak Barua (Cultural and Sports Director), Najib Ahmed (Treasurer), School Executive: Niva Barua, Jayeeta Dasgupta, Bithika Bose, Shamema Sultana,Air Ahmed, Rita Barua, Litu Chowdhury and Radwan Chowdhury, Members of Bangla School Old Student Alumni Association for their unmatchable dedication.
Very special thanks to Mr. Jashim Uddin (Ex-Event Director) and Mr. Kanan Barua (Event Director) duo for coordinating with the Vendors, Pitha Stall, and Sponsors.  
BCCDI Bangla School teachers are the path maker for our students. They are the one who should get our thanks the most for their unflagging tireless effort throughout the year educating our students in various departments. Thanks to , Mr. Suranjan Datta, Atia Mahzabeen, Niva Barua, Tania Khan, Farjana Sultana (Liza), Shaon Rahman, Nisala Rodrigo, Jayeeta Dasgupta, Steve Salchak, Salma Samad Salchak, MD. Huda, Banani Chowdhury, Naser Chowdhury and Shamim Chowdhury, 
Very Special thanks to our Ex-President Shamim Chowdhury for co-coordinating the entire Poush Mela Pitha Utshob from the Beginning to the Ending. He was the nucleus, who worked behind the scene untiringly, to make this show a successful event. 
Last but not least, an honorable mention to all our students of BCCDI-Bangla School Music and Dance Academy who are the core of Bangla School’s success. You are the torch bearer of our Bengali nation’s culture, history, and heritage. For this, we will forever be indebted to you! Your discipline and stage manner was distinguishable.  BCCDI is proud to have you all as students of its prestigious institution Bangla School.  
Without mentioning any further name, once again we BCCDI convey our gratitude to all of our general members, Bangla School parents, teachers, supporters, well-wishers, and former executive board member for everything you have done to make BCCDI- Bangla School 11th Poush Mela Pitha Utshob a grand success. 
BCCDI- Bangla School takes this opportunity to invite you to their upcoming event:
BOISHAKHI MELA, WELCOMING BANGLA NEW YEAR on Saturday, April 30, 2016, from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
BCCDI Bangla School Poush Mela-Pitha Utshob, Saturday, January 14th, 2017.
BOISHAKHI MELA WELCOMING BANGLA NEW YEAR 1424 on Saturday, April 15, 2017, from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
Dear patrons please visit our BCCDI-Bangla School web portal or find us on\bccdibanglaschool .(All Event pictures are available to view)
Sincere appreciation to all of you for your great contribution.
With profound appreciation,
On Behalf of BCCDI Board of Directors,
Sanjoy Barua, President, BCCDI – Bangla School.
Aminul Chowdhury, General Secretary BCCDI – Bangla School.

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