My Fellow Community Members:

On behalf of the BCCDI Bangla School! Let me express my deepest gratitude to all of YOU who made this event happen, and ALL of YOU were there to witness and to support the great cause and the extraordinary work is being done by BCCDI. For all of those who couldn’t attend due to prior commitment, you can still participate and show your support by making your yearend contribution.

I am forever INDEBTED to all of YOU who responded to my call of duty, more specifically to the board and Executive members of BCCDI for vesting their trust in me to led the effort. A very special Thanks to our proud Bangladeshi and a keynote speaker who is listed among the best 100 Scientist in the world Dr. Zahid Hasan, A dear friend and social activist who so silently gives portion of her earnings to poor people of Bangladesh Mira Sinha, incredible sound system by Rabul Alam (Shishir), a legendary journalist and writer Anis Ahmed for representing Voice of America, Anis Khan for Hotel accommodation, Harun Rashid (Aladdin Sweets) for delicious food, Moments Photography for capturing our precious moments & sponsoring our appetizers and desert, Bangla School parents for volunteering their valuable time to help Atia Mahzabeen for her table creativity and setup, Chandana Rox for her stage creativity, Teachers, many other long list of VOLUNTEERS and all of our “Wall of Honors” Honorees: Sudeep Bose, Esq., CEO Bose Law Farm, Rokshana Perven, Parveen Patwary, Mohammad Mostafa, Mohmed Alamgir, Burhan Ahmed, Chairman Home Town Hotel & Resort, Abubokor Hanif, CEO, PeopleNTech, Zakir Hossain, CEO Data Group, Muhammad Hossain, Naim Rahman, and Nazmul Ahsan), last not the least our hosts Lovely Shahid and Anthony Pius Gomes who’s book of generosity doesn’t have the word NO, THANK YOU!

Change doesn’t happen on accident; Change requires action and often revolution. Today, as leaders of our community, we hold the privileged position and sacred duty to pave a path of equal opportunity for our future generations.  Please help others rise, greatness doesn’t come from position but from helping shape the future, all of us in positions of power or an authority have an obligation to pull others up. “Contribute and enjoy life, it has an expiration date”.

Have Your Purpose and Mission in life!



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