Dear Respected Community Members in the D.C. Metro Areas:

On behalf of the Bangladesh Center for Community Development Inc. (BCCDI), we would like to express our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thank you to all the community members who attended and helped to make our 24th annual “Upohar Bangladesh Mela 2014” a grand success. This event was held on Saturday, 8th of November 2014 at Gunston Theater-1 in Arlington County.

As many of you know that BCCDI Bangla School introduced this school yearly event 24 years ago which quickly becomes the focal cultural event of the new generation in Washington Metro area. It was introduced in a time when there was not much cultural activity involving our younger generation was a norm. Now it has become a traditional norm for many other organizations as well to involve younger generation into their cultural activity.

In many ways BCCDI-Bangla School has played the role of trendsetter in our Washingtonian Bangladeshi diasporas. Beside Upohar Bangladesh Mela BCCDI-Bangla School has introduced many other popular events in Washington for the first time such as Pitha Uthshob during winter and Boishakhi Mela welcoming Bangla New Year to name few.

BCCDI-Bangla School Upohar Bangladesh Mela is constantly thriving to showcase their very best presentation for to Bangladeshi community for last twenty four years. We believe we have successfully presented a great show this year with a remarkable, extraordinary and entertaining cultural show from BCCDI-Bangla School Music and Dance Academy’s talented students. This year BCCDI Bangla School set one more trend for the first time in our Washingtonian cultural arena.  This year’s Upohar Bangladesh Mela ended in true setting of love and affection for Bangladesh. For the first time in Washington, A Mega chorus team of Sixty Five singers and musicians of Bangla School family rock the stage performing five patriotic songs. This extraordinary musical performance set the event in a new standard.

“Upohar Bangladesh Mela” is the cultural sole train of BCCDI – Bangla School students. This is solely there school’s yearly event presenting to the community as a gift (Upohar) of what they have learned about Bangladesh and its magnificent culture presenting in a congregation (Bangladesh Mela). This is why the event is called Upohar Bangladesh Mela. Therefore we like to start our note of thanks thanking our young participants first for accomplishing a remarkable year of journey of learning and bring the final display to the stage for the community to share.

This year, Bangla School Music Academy students led by its well respected singer-teacher Ostad Naser Chowdhury presented 35 minutes of musical presentation which spelled bound the audience. Congratulation to gifted and talented students of Bangla School Music Academy Farjan, Jemema, Tasnuva,Taj, Susmoy, Swapneel, Sushmi, Atoshi, Badhon, Dibya, Koushik, Priyanka, Bijon, Ranita, Adrita, Mehek, Wadia, Ariana, Shreoshee for their luminous performance. Our sincere gratitude to Ostad Naser Chowdhury for providing guidance to our students at Bangla School Music Academy for some years. Under his able leadership our student’s progress is expectedly extraordinary. Music Academy student’s graceful performance touched the heart of each and every participating audience.

Bangla School Dance Academy has come a logway of brilliance under the stewardship of renowned choreographer cum dance instructor Banani Chowdhury. Dance Academy student’s event titled “Shoro Ritur Bangladesh or Six Seasons of bangladesh” mesmerized the audience with their magnificent magical performance for forty five minutes. Congratulation to the dance team performers Shreeoshi, Anjum, Pushpita, Taj, Tasnuva, Sushan, Ariana, Abonti, Anondi, Ember, Naila, Ava, Emma, Sushmita, Ranita, Nava, Tahia, Ankita, Anupama, Badhon, Aunima, Atoshi, Mehran, Bijon, Srijon, Susmoy, Dibya, Adrita, Priyanka, Porag, Swapneel for their brilliant performance. A very special thanks to goes to Banani Chowdhury the charismatic steward of Bangla School Dance Academy.

Our gratitude to every member of Mega Chorus team for their excellent performance and setting the event in a new height. All the members of the Mega Chorus team are parents of our students, BCCDI members and Well-wisher. This was the first ever event in Bangladeshi Washingtonian community that 65 singers and musicians joined together to sing from one dais.

We would like to thanks from the bottom of our heart to H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Ziauddin for being the chief guest of this event. Our profound gratitude to Mr. Nirupam Dev Nath, First Secretary of Bangladesh Embassy for providing assistance and guidance since his arrival to Washington. He has become an integral part of Bangla School.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our Guest of Honor Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Quazi Sajjad Ali Zahir Bir Protik Recipient of Gallantry Independence Award 2013 and to Mrs. Rokaya Haidar, chief of Voice of America Bangla Service for their graciousness to handout the award among our students those who won in different competition and category.

Our Sincere appreciation Honorable Guest Janet Kopenhaver, Chairman, and to Ms. Courtney Murphy of Arlington Commission for Arts working as advocate and liaison for Bangladesh Center for Community Development for their graciousness on accepting our invitation.

Our deepest appreciation and thankfulness to Dr. Faizul Islam and Mrs. Inara Islam for sponsoring the entire expenses for Bangla School Talent Competition. He has not just done it for this year but doing so for many years in a row. His love and affection for the betterment of our community kids is something to be followed. This year he has entrusted BCCDI Bangla School to find out a brilliant student about to finish High School and preparing for College admission that need financial support. Dr. Fazul Islam endowment will bear the entire cost of college tuition in a community college for the completion of graduation. Please contact with your resume to be considered for Dr. Faizul Islam Endowment Fund.

Our sincere appreciation for Mr. and Mrs. Wahed and Arzina Hossaini for their contribution for BCCDI Bangla School and for his love and affection for our new generation. As a senior community member he has been involved with Bangladeshi community for last 25 or more years.

Any successful program cannot be organized without sponsors and we are thankful to the following sponsors who came forward to support BCCDI-Bangla School and its effort to uphold our language and culture. They are– FronTech Tutorial (Grand Sponsor), Mr. Sudeep Bose of Bose Law Firm (Gold Sponsor), Mr. Abu Haq (lender) Branch Partner of American Nationwide Mortgage Company and Honorable Lifetime member of BCCDI, Mr. Mohammed Huq Rajib of PR Partners Real Estate, Mr. Mazibul Haque of BNI Realty, Harun Shaheb of Aladdin Restaurant A Bangladeshi Eatery in Lee Highway, Inam Haque of Tech Ines Solutions IT Training Center (tis), Marina Rahman realtor of Fairfax Realty, Mohammed Ali of Nationwide Insurance, Sheerin Akhter of DataNTech IT school, Mohammed Moeenuddin of Asia Market (Lee Highway),

Thanks to our individual sponsor (in no particular order), Our sincere gratitude to Mr and Mrs.Faizul Islam, Mr. Mrs. Wahed Hossaini, Mrs. Rokaya Haidar, Mr. Inam Haque, Mr. Mrs. M. Alam, Mr. Ashraf U Chowdhury, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Mr. Syed Mahtab Ahmed M.D PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry VCU School of Medicine for their year round support for BCCDI-Bangla School.

Very special thanks to Dr. Arifur Rahman for taking the editorial charge of Upohar Bangladesh Mela 2014 magazine. His month long tireless effort presented us with the most beautiful Upohar magazine we ever had. Arif Bhai is an integral part of BCCDI and Bangla School for many years. His dedication for our kids is answer passed.

This year Upohar Bangladesh Mela stage was a dazzling one, probably the best stage setting in last 24 years and it was done by none nut one and only Prabir Das Gupta. Two weeks of constant effort made the difference and took the event stage into a dreamland perfect for kid’s presentation. Thank you Prabir Da. Bangla School love to work with you in their next project, together we will make a difference in the life of our children.

We are proud to thank from the bottom of the heart to all those vendors who are being supportive of BCCDI-Bangla School events this year.

Dear Bangla School parents, your unrelenting support and sacrifices are THE key to our success with our students. We wouldn’t able to do anything without you. Please acknowledge our sincere thanks for your kind support and help.

We are sincerely grateful to Ms. Satarupa Barua for being the Master of Ceremony for the day. Her distinctive elegant style of presentation highlights our program. BCCDI sincerely appreciate her effort. She has become the integral part of BCCDI Bangla School for some time now.

BCCDI-Bangla School recognizes Mr. Ashish Barua, Majed Bhai Joy Dutta and Mohammad Huda, Onu for their continues support on every single event organized by BCCDI-Bangla School. We are in debt to this three noble gentleman for their kind support.

Our sincere gratitude to sound engineer Shantanu Barua (Contact Number: 703-209-2034 email for his excellence on planning and executing the sound system for the entire show. His flawless planning made a big difference on presenting the show so wonderfully.

We would like to acknowledge the following community members for their continuous support and encouragement, (Not in any particular order) Dr. Arifur Rahman, Mrs. Marina Rahman, Mr. Hiron Choudhury, Mr. Shah Habibur Rahman, Mr. Arifur Rahman Swapan, Mrs. Soma Bose, Mr. Mohammad Harunur Rashid, Mr. Shafi Delwar Kajol, Mr. Mostofa Hussain Mukul, Mr. Sheikh Mawla Milon, Mr. Kamal Ahmed, Mr. Sampad Pereira, Mr. Abu Rumi, , Mr. Khan Dipu, Mr. Akter Hussain, Mr. Udayan Barua, Mrs. Shahnaz Faruque, Mrs. Sabrina Rahman, Mr. Rezaul Lasker, Mr. Sudeep Bose, Mr. Miro Jangi, Sudipti Barua,Mr. Shoroj Barua, Mrs. Khaleda Akhter, Mr. Litu Chowdhury, Mr. Shoumitro Barua, Mr. Najib Ahmed, Mr. K. Khan Lincoln, Mr. Monjur Rahim, Mr. Nazmul Ahsan, Mrs. Shikha Ahmed, Mrs. Ruma Bhowmik, Mrs.Adity Barua, Mr. Nurul Amin Nuru, Mr. Rezaul Lasker, Mr. Rajeeb Barua, Rita Barua, Mrs. Zobaida K. Lasker, Mrs. Shahida Abedin,  Mr. Nurul Amin Nuru , Mr. Jamil Khan, Mr. Santosh Barua, , Mr. Mohammed Mia, Mr. Putul Barua, Mrs, Jesmin Abedin, Mr. Shoaib Chowdhury, Mr. Reza Moogni and Mr. Mizanur Rahman Bhuyan, Mr. Litu Chowdhury, Mukta Barua, Nupur Barua and many others.

Our special thanks to the following media outlets for supporting us with their coverage- News-Bangla (Mr. Shafi Delwar Kajol), (Mr. Shibbir Ahmed), and Arifur Rahman of Radio Bangla DC.

A very special thanks to Aladdin Restaurant- A Bangladeshi eatery of Metro Washington DC (Address: 5169 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207, Phone 🙁 703) 533-0077) for supporting BCCDI-Bangla School Upohar Bangladesh Mela 2014 Event.

We thank the following organizations for their support and encouragement- (Not in any particular order) EKTARA, Aricha Ghat, Friends & Family, DUAFI, EKTARA, AABEA, BAAI, CUAF, Udoyon, BABA, BAWGDC, BSWDC, Dhroopad, Rong Tuli and Dristipat.

A special thank you to the following email groups for their continuous support- Alapon and Khabor, BAAI, Dhroopad and Chottola.

Our heartfelt thank you and a special mention to Mr. Biplab Dutta of “EASHAN Photography” for capturing the memorable moments of that night thru his excellent photographic skill. Thankful to our Board of Directors, Mr. Sanjoy Barua (Vice President), Mr. Aminul Huda Chowdhury (General Secretary), Mr. Dipak Barua (Assistant General Secretary), Mr. Jashim Uddin (Event Director), Mr. Pranab Barua (Education Director), Mr. Mohammad Abdin (Press and Publication Director), Mr. Dastagir Jahangir Tugril (Cultural and Sports Director), Mr. Taslim Hasan (Treasurer), School Executive Mrs. Niva Barua, Mohosena Rimi, Bithika Bose, Najib Ahmed, anon Barua, Nupur Barua, Asma Khanam and Rabita Aziz, Convener, Bangla School Old Student Alumni Association for their unmatchable dedication.

Very special thanks to Mr. Jashim Uddin (Event Director) and Mr. Sanjoy Barua (Vice President) duo for coordinating the entire Upohar Bangladesh Mela 2014 from the Beginning to the Ending. Your tireless effort brought the success for BCCDI Bangla School Upohar Bangladesh Mela. We acknowledge and follow your leadership as a self-sacrificing model. You truly are our unsung heroes.

Thanks to Mrs. Atia Mahzabeen Nitu and Dipak Barua for managing all the Children talent Competition that took place throughout the Upohar Bangladesh Mela. Their sincere effort was the key to successful completion of our Children Talent Competition.

Our very special thanks to all the judges those who gave time and energy to successfully complete all the Children Competition. Judges were Dr. Faizul Islam, Mr. Wahed Hossaini, Venerable Sumanpal Thero, Ramohan Barua, Mr. Nisala Rodrigo, Mrs. Merina Rahman , Mr. Hiron Chowdhury, Mrs. Bulbul Akter Islam, Mr. Ashim Barua, Ms. Antora Rahman Kaori, Mrs. Rokeya Jahan Hashi and Prabir Das Gupta.

BCCDI Bangla School teachers are the path maker for our students. They are the one who should get our thanks the most for their indefatigable tireless effort throughout the year educating our students in various departments. We acknowledge Mr. Suranjan Datta, Mrs. Atia Mahjabeen, Salma Samad, Steve Salchak, Banani Chowdhury, Naser Chowdhury, Nisala Rodrigo, MD. Huda, Nazmul Ahsan, Shaon Rahman and Shamim Chowdhury.

Last but not least, an honorable mention to all our students of BCCDI-Bangla School Music and Dance Academy who are the hearts and souls of Bangla School. You are the torch bearer of our Bengali nation’s culture, history and heritage, for this we will forever be indebted to you! Your discipline and stage manner was distinguishable.  BCCDI is proud to have you all as student of its prestigious institution Bangla School.

Without mentioning any further name, once again we BCCDI convey our gratitude to all of our general members, Bangla School parents, teachers, supporters, well-wishers, and former executive board member for everything you have done to make BCCDI- Bangla School Upohar Bangladesh Mela grand success.

BCCDI- Bangla School takes this opportunity to invite you to their NEXT YEAR UPOHAR BANGLADESH MELA’S 25th SILVER JUBLEE Celebration for two days in a row. Also please join us on Saturday January 3rd BCCDI- Bangla School Pitha Utshob 2015 at NOVA Annandale Campus. This will be the first Bangladeshi Event of the year 2015 and we will make this event a remarkable one for you and us.

Dear patrons please visit our BCCDI-Bangla School web portal or find us on\bccdibanglaschool .(All Event pictures are available to view)

Sincere appreciation to all of you for your contribution.

With profound appreciation,

Shamim Chowdhury, President (BCCDI)

On Behalf of BCCDI Board of Directors

Web: or


Be the proud partner of the most prestigious organization among Bangladeshi Diaspora in U.S.A. BCCDI Bangla School the Home of New Generation Bengali Abroad


Deepest condolence to the peoples of Nepal from BCCDI Bangla School – Bangla School will hold an Interfaith Prayer Service today Saturday, May 2, 2015 at school premise.

We are deeply saddened and shocked by the loss of thousands of lives and that many others were injured in the earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April, 2015. On behalf of BCCDI Bangla School students, parents and faculty staff we like to convey our deepest condolence and sympathy to the government and peoples of Nepal, surviving families of the earthquake victims and to those who wounded, especially for the children, women and elderly of Nepal who fall victim of this deadly natural calamity.

BCCDI Bangla School, Bangladeshi American school at Arlington, Virginia will hold an Interfaith Prayer Service tomorrow Saturday May 2nd, 2015 at 12:00 Noon at their school premise to pray for the departed souls and for the survivors of this deadly tragedy.

We are certain that courageous people of Nepal will build their nation stronger than ever before in shortest time. Our prayer will continue for the rebuilding process and rejuvenation of the hearts and minds of brave people of Nepal. May Almighty bless Nepal and its people with his divine mercy.


Aminul Huda Chowdhury, General Secretary

On behalf of BCCDI and Bangla School

Gunston Community Center

2700 South Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206


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